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Real Estate Agent Jennet Kresge is not your typical agent. It’s no secret that we have seen some drastic changes in our housing market. Now more than ever you need the right partner to help get you from where you are, to where you want to be! I have been a licensed Real estate agent in Santa Cruz County for over 20 years.
Real Estate Agent Jennet Kresge career in this industry has led her through many different positions (real estate sales, personal assistant, administrative, risk management, escrow coordinator, lending) too much detail to go into here! But trust me, I have seen it all and from many different perspectives!
With 30 years living in the community and 20 years in real estate, I believe I offer the most well-rounded experience you will have with a Real estate agent in Santa Cruz County. Whether you are buying or selling (or both!) in Santa Cruz County, my proven systems and processes will ease the stress, take away the overwhelm, and provide you with a successful and rewarding experience.


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