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Kevin Bell has been active in real estate his entire life and was thrilled to finally shift his career toward the field he has always loved in 2020. It began with painting his Dad’s rental properties at a young age, which got him thinking about real estate as a medium for income. He went on to receive his degree in engineering from UC Berkeley and also got an “A” California General Contractor’s License.
For over 30 years he worked in construction and renewable energy in Silicon Valley. His experience as a contractor gave him an appreciation for the nuts and bolts of a well-constructed house, while his years as an engineer honed his attention to detail, project management, and client relations skills. During his career, Kevin never strayed too far from real estate. He managed several investment properties, buying and selling many over his career.
After raising five kids (three of which are triplets!) and seeing the last off to college, he and his wife Anne were ready to head over the hill. Over the years they had always returned to the shared family beach house in Aptos, creating fond memories with each visit. It was a natural choice to move to the coastal town that always encouraged them to slow down. Now Kevin is happy working in his “second career” in an industry he has always loved and in a location dear to his heart. He loves the Monterey Bay Area and all that it provides – from walking on the beach, to hiking in the mountains, to enjoying a slice of Sea Salt Chocolate Cake from Gayle’s Bakery (he claims that it’s the best food ever).
Real Estate Agent Kevin Bell is eager to help buyers find the perfect property in this community he is so fond of and help current owners maximize their return on investment as they embark on their new chapter.


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