Exterior Home Painting Give Your Home Some Love with A Fresh Coat of Paint – New Trends for 2021

Exterior Home Painting Give Your Home Some Love with A Fresh Coat of Paint – New Trends for 2021

Since we are still spending more time at home, let’s get painting! A fresh coat of paint may be just what we need to get our minds off things and shake off winter blues. You might be surprised at some of the color choices for 2021. Benjamin More announces its winning color and it is gorgeous.

Soothing Blues

Benjamin Moore’s pick for 2021 is Aegean Teal, which is a mix of blue, gray, and green. It gives off relaxing vibes and would look especially wonderful in a space with a farmhouse-chic aesthetic.


Add some drama and high style with Cape Verde. It’s on-trend and pairs beautifully with blush and coral. A sample of this color is available here → Sherwin Williams Cape Verde Sample

Exterior Home Painting – Earth Tones

Sherwin-Williams’s Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, is a warm bronze that was inspired by nature. It would be right at home with natural textiles, stone accents, and greenery in a room that doubles as an indoor sanctuary. We feel more relaxed already.
Sherwin Williams
Neutral Tan

Calming Tans

Part of PPG Paints “Be Well” palette for 2021, Transcend is an oatmeal shade that’s meant to foster nostalgia and contentment. It would easily complement a cozy living room with dark woods and moody earth tones. Natural Tan is a classic light neutral that with a soft warm hue. It’s a good choice for a whole house color or for main living areas. It works with any style of decor and all colors. Get a sample to see how it looks in your space here → Sherwin Williams Modern Tan Sample


You just can’t go wrong with Pure White. It’s timeless and works with any style of decor. And light paint colors will keep your interiors calm and serene. This modern farmhouse entry has a beautiful mix of accessories and the Pure White is the perfect backdrop for them all. Get a sample of this color to try here → Sherwin Williams Pure White Sample
Benjamin Moore
Aegean Teal

Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Choosing the right paint color can be frustrating and tricky. Here are a few tips for getting it right:
1. Look for ideas in magazines, on Pinterest, or on home decorating websites

2. Start with an inspiration piece like an area rug, sofa, or bedding

3. Look at your favorite swatches in the actual room that you’ll be painting

4. Narrow down your choices to less than 5

5. Test the color(s) in the room that will be getting painted. You can use tester samples or peel-and-stick color samples

6. Look at the painted samples at various times of the day and on sunny and cloudy days. Lighting can make a color look quite different

7. There is no perfect paint color. If you end up hating the one that you choose, repainting isn’t that difficult so don’t stress out over it

Exterior Home Painting – Strock Bottom Line

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