If you could hit rewind and give your younger self some career advice, what would it be? 


Ben sat down with Neil and Matt Kimmel – father and son duo here at team Strock!

Ben asked Neil what advice he would give himself as he reflects on his career. 

Neil’s response? Get involved in your community as much as possible. 

  • He had been well established in the Vacaville community as a loan officer before moving to Truckee in 2007. In Truckee, he switched to real estate sales rather than loans, and found that a major change in career and community was a big challenge. 
  • Reflecting back, Neil recognizes that he had been very involved in the Vacaville community, and that was a huge difference-maker. Things like hosting golf tournaments, being involved in the Women’s Council of Realtors, and soccer/baseball leagues with the kids engrain you in the community. 

Lead generation definitely goes beyond making cold calls- it’s all about building trust in the community. It’s the long game. 

  • Then Ben turned the tables on Matt and asked him what he had learned from watching his father’s career. 
  • Matt actually finds that his learning similar lessons! As he moves from being a fighter pilot in the Air Force to becoming a Realtor, he’s learning on how to become proficient in a completely new field. 

Neil gives some more great advice here: you’ve got to get your ego out of the way and allow yourself to be coachable with people who were trying to help. Wow! Great advice Neil. 

Ben feels like he’s learning from these two as well – thank you for sharing Neil and Matt!