What do you think about the advice our parents give us? 


🌹Ben sat down with our agent Jody Muller to talk about the examples her parents set. Her mother was in real estate for 40 years, and her father ran the 4th largest rose distribution company in the US! Talk about having business in your blood.

🌹From her dad, she learned to be entrepreneurial and that “the numbers don’t lie.” 

That’s so true in real estate – business doesn’t just fall into your lap. You have to have the acreage to grow roses just like you need a lead pool to generate business in real estate. 

🏠Her mom got her RE license to sell the homes her dad built – and her real estate career blossomed from there! 

🏠Jody’s mother Winnie was extremely personable and truly cared about her clients. She went above and beyond by doing things like loaning money and cleaning homes. She sincerely wanted people to have a home they loved. 

Upon reflection, Jody knows her parents are proud of her for living their legacy and the businesses they both created. She also has applied the lessons of knowing the numbers, taking care of people, and going extra mile into her business. 

Lastly, she gives her clients a rose bush in honor of her father!

Thank you so much for sharing about the advice your parents gave you, Jody!