Alright, finally, we’re getting to the bottom of why our agent Bjorn has a mullet – and how it has given him a competitive edge in real estate!

It all started as a travel cut while he was in Australia. There he was, in the land Down Under during the tumultuous year that was 2020, watching the Superbowl. As a diehard 49ers fan, you know how the end of this story goes. After the loss, Bjorn was looking for a way to get his mojo back. What better way than a snazzy new haircut?

He planned on cutting his hair out after coming home, but it quickly became a trademark look – Ben even encouraged him to keep it around. It’s what made him human, and relatable. He was able to attract people who he wanted to work with.

As Bjorn explains, real estate is a relationship-building business – so you’ve got to yourself! When you’re comfortable in your own shoes (or hair), people will gravitate towards that. #vivalamullet