The number one thing agents are responsible for is marketing properties! Introducing Justina Bryant, our Marketing Director and a member of the Strock core leadership team.

When planning out our team’s strategy for marketing properties, Justina begins with identifying the home’s story, then determining which target market that story would resonate with. Chances are, your target market is going to look a lot like the current owner of the property – ask them what they love about their home and surrounding community!

After identifying some core demographics, use that info to tailor your media:

  • 🎯Targetted online ads (Google/Social
  • 🎯A property write-up that shows the lifestyle and evokes feeling
  • 🎯A video that reinforces that lifestyle story

When Justina and team sit down to discuss a property video storyline, they are looking at things like the commute, the restaurants, the schools, the property size, etc. Is it an off-the-grid compound or a city-center condo? Both are completely different stories!

With homes sitting on the market a little longer than they had been over the past couple of years, remarketing has become the name of the game.

Here are Justina’s tips:

  • ♻️Create engaging content over that can last a longer period of time
  • ♻️Retell the home’s story from a new angle – like an IG reel!
  • ♻️Make it shareable

Lastly, email is NOT DEAD!

  • 📨We send out 2-3 emails a week that are purely value-add
  • 📨We send 100k emails a week between marketing, sales, and drip campaigns
  • 📨We are nurturing a high open rate of approx. 32%!

Justina, thank you for sharing your expertise on marketing properties!! We are so grateful to have you on this team.