We’re here with Pam Kimmel, talking about QUESTIONS.


And how they lead to conversations. Which leads to conversions. And finally leads to more $$ for you as an agent. 

Pam just might be the Question Queen (we’re making it a thing). Her questions lead to more questions, and pretty soon she’s unearthing a lot about a person. 

Here’s something to save: the first question she typically asks when hosting an open house:

“Are you from the neighborhood?” 

Notice that all of these questions are open ended, meaning, they can’t be answered by a simple yes or no. If you take anything away from this interview, let it be that.

And Pam truly is curious – the more she knows about you and what motivates you, the better equipped she is to serve you (and get you that dream home/lifestyle). 

Here are a couple of other questions she likes to ask: 

  1. Where do you live/why you live there? 
  2. What do you like to do for fun? 

Ben asks:

  1. Anything family related
  2. Anything work related 

He’s found that people LOVE talking about their family, food, and where they live – and now he has a few more good Qs in his arsenal. 

Pam, you are a delight! Thank you for sharing your questions with us.