We’re mixing up the format a little with this one and diving right into a fireside chat and discussing problem solving in real estate.


As Ben tells his kids, “The person who is best at problem solving, wins every time.” 

“And the person who is most flexible,” adds Rose.  

This can apply to nearly every real estate transaction. A an agent, you’re really working on staying three moves ahead and think of solutions before the problem even happens. 

And every transaction is different, so over the course of your career, you’ll find yourself coming up with solutions for all sorts of things –  optimally before they even begin. 

And the problem-solving never stops! You just get better and more efficient with your solutions. 

An agent’s highest value is in these solutions, and handling things behind the scenes before your client realizes anything was amiss.

Rose just had a client’s 100% finance offer accepted. This was a big highlight in her career – she wasn’t sure if it would be possible to find these clients a home in this area and within their budget, but with this creative solution, they got to achieve their dreams! 

Thank you Ben and Rose for the candid talk! We hope you liked the new format.