Welcome to our new-ish series: Strock Around The Block. Same great content, different venue. 


Our first walk ‘n Strocker is our agent Nicollette Eason Trottier. She and Ben dove right into a discussion about baking, clients, profession, and passion. 

Because running a business takes a lot of ingredients and mixing them just so. And as we know, Nicollette is pro at presenting things “just so.” 

She recognizes how she likes to be treated when she’s the patient, the guest, and customer – and aims to reproduce the services that make her feel prioritized for her clients. 

This is not just her profession – real estate is her passion, and she has caring for clients down to a science. 

In real estate you will be guiding many people through the largest transaction of their lives. An agent’s job is to solidify that client’s trust and support them every step of the way – especially if the process becomes stressful or complex. 

Nicollette has found that staying consistent is key. Make a strong first impression, then never let up on your level of service, no matter how many months or how complex the process becomes. 

Thank you Nicollette for sharing your expertise!