I started looking for houses for sale since June of 2017. I thought it’s easy. I had other realtors too maybe 6 of them but because I said my down payment was low and then they don’t call me anymore but when I tried Bjorn, he was so patient, he even initiates to show me houses which are on the $800K to $1M+ properties. We tried to bid on 3 houses that I like but we lost. Still me and Bjorn didn’t give up until one time I told Bjorn am tired already looking for houses. I told him I will lie low for the time being. Then out of the blue Bjorn called me and asked me if am interested in a property in Daly City. I was hesitant at first but then he encouraged me. And then it’s history. Bjorn was so aggressive, patient, compassionate, respectful and very helpful. He will go all the way in order for you to fulfill your dream of owning a house and that is Bjorn. I highly recommend him to my friends and acquaintances.