Ben sat down with our agent David Morrell to discuss the incredible resiliency of the Santa Cruz Market – especially on the Westside of Santa Cruz:


David moved to Santa Cruz in 1997 when UCSC was hovering around 7,000 students. Today, there are 30,0000 students plus faculty, all looking for places to live in such a small area! 

You know what that sounds like to us? High demand and limited supply. 

In Santa Cruz, the market has stopped declining and will likely be on the rise, making this a great time to buy. 

So, why do people keep wanting to move here? The lifestyle: mountains, redwoods, downtown, beaches. The houses here truly have more square footage than what’s encompassed in their four walls – the whole community is included!

So it’s a desirable place to live, and there is a limited amount of houses. David sees that translating to pressure on prices that will rise.

Speaking of which, the rental market experiences that same pressure causing large jumps in rent! Thankfully, there are new accommodations that will be built in Downtown Santa Cruz. 

Whether you are drawn to the Upper, Lower, or Far Westsides of Santa Cruz, each has a thriving community.  

One last note from David: make sure you stop and watch the pelicans! These amazing creatures mate for life and travel with friends. 

Thank you for sharing your expertise on the resiliency of the Santa Cruz Market and the Westside market David!