Before we dive into winning at an open house, we’re sitting here with Todd Allen and realizing… This guy has been working out🤣 What’s his secret? Lifting his 6-year-old daughter. 

Aside from his fitness, Todd has been annihilating the real estate game this past year. Part of this is due to his shifted mentality – especially when it comes to meeting new people at open houses. 


As Ben says, “What makes a successful businessman is the ability to solve problems.” 

For every person who comes into the open house, Todd uses that approach. He starts looking for ways to genuinely help these people, and that’s how he can start winning at an open house. 

When he first started in real estate, he received tons of advice. Everyone had a suggestion, a hot tip, a new script, etc. But after a while, Todd began to feel like he wasn’t even being himself. 

Then Ben gave him the advice to be authentic. People can tell. 

And part of being authentic with people is authentically knowing what the heck you’re talking about. Be the smartest realtor. Have the most knowledge. That’s what builds trust with people who otherwise have no reason to trust you. 

Additionally, you need to be aware of where someone is in the buying process. And when they say, “I’m not ready to buy now,” they’re not not saying no to you: they’re saying no to IT. And that could change with time! 

Lastly, Todd always comes super prepared – another great way to instill trust and let people know that you’re here to solve their problems. 

Thank you for your amazing insight Todd!