What are the three most challenging you face when first getting into real estate? Ben sat down with our agent Shakila to shed light on these common obstacles.

1️⃣ Learning about how much you need to learn. Getting your Real Estate License is just the beginning – learning spreads far and wide from this epicenter, and is often taught through experiences! The nuances of building codes, inspections, and negotiations is often taught on the job. Even our seasoned agents learn new things all of the time! That’s what keeps it interesting.

2️⃣ The buyer who wants to buy but doesn’t. Even after finding the perfect house and knocking off everything on their must-haves list, sometimes clients just aren’t ready to buy. It’s a tough pill to swallow for any agent – and it will happen to you too! Just remember, they aren’t saying no to you: they’re saying no to it. Maybe the it is financing, timing, or a job situation. In any case, it’s likely this hindrance will pass, someday. So keep on nurturing!

3️⃣ Starting a new business. Even with tons of business experience and personal knowledge of home ownership, Shakila is finding that real estate is equal parts connections and knowledge. She has traveled the world, built business, and had a thriving career in a real-estate-adjacent field. But being an actual agent? It’s a whole new ball game. Shakila is finding that she needs to leverage her network.

There you have it: three of the most challenging things when first getting into real estate. This is such a relational business – not only are you building the mechanics of a small business, but you’re also building your rapport in the community. Shakila, thank you for sharing with us! You’re knocking these challenges out one by one – keep it up!!